BCA Board of Directors

Board of Directors


Fred Sciliano
, C.W. Brown

Vice Chairman
Jay Martino
, Martino Contractors, Inc.

John Gisondi
, Peter Gisondi and Co., Inc.

Ross J. Pepe

Executive Director
F. Matthew Pepe

Board of Governers

Andrew Arena, Arena Construction Co., Inc.

Laurel A. Brunelle, LKR Business Development Corp.

Dominic Calgi, Calgi Construction Co., Inc.

Vincent Colletti, Vincent Colleti & Co, Inc

Maynard Darrow, Darlind Construction Inc.

Vincent Dinota, Villa Construction, Inc.

John Piazza, Piazza Brothers, Inc.

Anthony Rodrigues, Roger & Sons Concrete, Inc.

Mark Fante, Darante Construction

John Wohl, Lawrence B. Wohl, Inc.