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Danella ConstructionMOUNT VERNON, NY—As a utilities contractor, Danella Construction of New York Inc. believes in keeping the lights on and the heat pumping.

Danella Construction Con EdisonThe Armonk (NY)-based contractor, which has been in business for more than 40 years, focuses on construction services to the utility industry, specializing in transmission and distribution gas main construction, steam main installation repair and maintenance, overhead and underground electric, storm restoration services, telecommunications and water facilities installation. Danella Construction of New York is a subsidiary of Danella Companies, Inc., which is headquartered in Plymouth Meeting, PA.

Beginning in 2014, work on a recent Con Edison gas transmission main 36-inch pipeline project in Mt. Vernon, focused all of Danella’s capabilities – illustrating its motto, “We Make Life Go.”

It’s one of the oldest transmission mains in Con Ed’s system, dating back to 1948. The pipe was upgraded from 24” to 36” and runs from the Bronx border in Mount Vernon to White Plains. The utility said the project would ensure the safe, reliable delivery of gas for years to come.

A lively YouTube video posted in December 2015, created by Bernstein Associates Photographers, took viewers through the last of the project’s four phases.

Each phase of the job involved 3,000 feet of pipeline and included excavation, rock removal, pipe installation, welding, backfilling and roadway restoration. Much of the work ran through residential areas. Danella crews cut through street surfaces to excavate the 6.5 foot wide by 7 foot deep trench, welded sections of pipe, installed the new line, backfilled, pressure tested the line and restored the street surface.

It was quite a difficult project trying to minimize the impact on the local residents, said Peter A. Mazzari, vice president at Danella Construction. “Our focus was to follow our business culture where safety, quality and productivity are treated as equal components of our daily routine. We take pride in everything we do,” he noted.

–Solange De Santis