Recent Accomplishments

The BCA and the CIC have scored many…

  • NEW YORK TRANSPORTATION INITIATIVES: CIC led the industry’s promotional and lobbying campaign that brought about passage of state and federal transportation initiatives bringing more than $10 billion in new road and bridge improvement projects to the downstate region.
  • SEWER CONSTRUCTION: CIC worked with local counties for the release of hundreds of millions of dollars in construction grants, lobbied for the lifting of DEC moratorium on sewer extension, and is pressing the federal government to uncork billions in funding for clean water infrastructure. CIC successfully promoted the NYS Clean Water / Clean Air Bond Act, adding $1.75 billion for public works construction projects.
  • REGIONAL AIRPORT DEVELOPMENT: CIC had an important role in the overall development of Stewart Airport in Newburgh where hundreds of millions of dollars are now being spent for upgrades and improvements. CIC also fought for the now-ongoing modernization at Westchester County Airport.
  • WORKERS’ COMPENSATION SAFETY GROUP AND ADR: Partnering with NYS Insurance Fund, CIC makes available to contractors and suppliers the buying strength, power and savings of a Workers’ Compensation Safety Group. Members enjoy advanced premium discounts, dividends, and safety management support to improve experience modification ratings, further reducing premium costs. Over $50 million was return to CIC Safety Group members since 1991. An average annual savings of more than 50% per participating company. CIC is now sponsoring Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to further lower compensation costs.
  • GOVERNMENT FORCE ACCOUNT WORK: CIC continues to add jobs to the private sector by limiting the amount of work performed by state and local government workers. As municipal budgets are increasingly strained, we are aggressively encouraging governments to privatize more construction work that was previously performed in-house. CIC also presents testimony at public forums to promote and protect industry interests.
  • TRUCK WEIGHT: CIC, as a founder of the National Truck Weight Advisory Council (NTWAC), and together with a regional coalition, influenced New York State to pass the most progressive truck weight law in the nation. CIC is recognized as the industry’s leading authority on divisible load weight permits in New York and continues efforts to improve the law.
  • PROMPT PAYMENT BILL & SPECIFIC REVIEW: CIC lobbied to support a New York law requiring payment within 45 days to contractors doing business with the state. CIC also meets with state and local governments to improve specifications for public works.
  • OTHER LEGISLATION: CIC lobbied for increased capital construction budgets for highway, improved mining laws, Thruway roadway policy, and has stimulated millions in construction projects, sewers, municipal buildings and more.
  • MINORITY AND WOMEN BUSINESS ENTERPRISES: CIC serves on a special New York State task force to help set fair regulations and provide assistance to minority, women and disadvantaged contractors to meet job requirements.
  • MANAGEMENT/LABOR NEGOTIATIONS: CIC acts as the collective bargaining agent for more than 200 employers by negotiating and administering 17 labor agreements in the region, including contracts with the teamsters, laborers, operating engineers, carpenters, surveyors, masons and more.